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My vision for Philadelphia is a
food system that supports
racial equity and the
development of Black, Brown,
and Indigenous-owned food
businesses to close the racial
wealth gap.
- Shayla Felton-Dorsey

Shayla is a passionate Philadelphia
chef who believes the relationship
between food and culture is integral
to strong communities.
She was certified as a Community Chef Educator
with Just Food - an organization that pioneers
food justice and advocates for sustainable
agriculture - and serves as a member of the
Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council, John
Hopkins Community of Learning Practice FPC
and an Alumni at the James Beard Foundation
Chef Bootcamp for Policy and Change.
Shayla is a skilled chef with years of experience
creating delicious and innovative dishes that
celebrate the flavors of the Caribbean.
Her expertise includes plant-based cooking,
which offers a variety of options for people
with dietary restrictions. She is available for
both private chef and catering services across
the Philadelphia region.

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